Follow our mission to feed 30 million by 2030 as we travel the globe deploying sustainability agriculture solutions.

Our Portable Farm Solution

16,00 fish | 7,500 plants | Can feed 300-500 people daily

Full Solar Powered

The equivalent of a 2.5 acre farm packed into a shipping container for easy delivery around the world. ~ Zero Carbon Footprint ~ 7.25 KW Solar Ray ~ 2 4000 watt micro wind turbines

Year Round Greenhouse

Remote temperature control Guaranteed power in the most adverse conditions to secure food production anywhere on planet earth.

Different Sizes Available

~ 40 feet wide x 100 feet long ~ 20 feet wide x 50 feet long ~ Fully portable and quickly deployable ~ Food production ready in 45 days

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HATponics is making an impact in communities at a local level

Click on the video to the left to see how HATponics is partnering with YOCO and Emerald Youth Foundation to feed a growing number of East Tennessee families.

Our solutions are impacting people

Check out this awesome video from Swaziland, Africa. The Christian Heritage project went with us to build an aquaponics farm!

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Check out this book a student made for us!