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Agricultural Consulting

Offering leading expert consulting in aquaponics, hydroponics, terraponics, greenhouse solutions, and sustainable agriculture. From domestic systems to large commercial operations we’ve got you covered.

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Agricultural & Farm Construction

We are Master Installers of Greenhouse Systems coast to coast, with 100’s of projects on 5 continents. In addition, we erect Sunward Steel Buildings, one of the leaders in Steel Buildings.

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HATponics has aquaponic units installed in over 50 schools across the world In working with us, we make sure to help both students and teachers alike, to understand the process entirely.

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Follow our mission to feed 30 million by 2030 as we travel the globe deploying sustainability agriculture solutions.

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Shop our collection of custom-designed farm solution units, grow lights, and system controls.

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We offer support through instruction

We are here to make sure you are successful

We start with a long-term commitment to make sure both teachers and students understand the process entirely. We install the aquaponics system and it’s yours to experiment with & to use for your curriculum


We offer on-site agricultural consulting.

At HATponics we offer much more than just state of the art aquaponics and farm infrastructure, we offer true, tried, and tested agricultural consulting to ensure that your farm investment is a success. Click to learn more!


Little Rock, AR Combating hunger with the world’s first commercial off-grid portable farm

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Fill Ministries – From “food pantry” to “farm”, this state-of-the-art facility will help feed the hungry in three Georgia counties


Summit at Sea – The world’s first floating aquaponics lab


What Our Clients Say

“Simply amazing, this is going to revolutionize the farming industry. Unheard of growing time, eliminate the need for insecticide, and provide a year-round growing season. This is a fully self-contained unit, buying fertilizer is now a thing of the past! You have never seen a” Greenhouse” like this before. I could see this in the future going to space colonies!”

George Darcy, customer
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“This company is AMAZING! The amount of passion and professional knowledge they have is inspiring. From feeding 20 million people by 2020, to educating educators, they really do it all! The best professional development I have ever been to, and the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Woodland Elementary School is very excited about its partnership with HATponics!”

Cheri Mills, customer
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“Well-managed informational facility. We enjoy these folks & appreciate their mission.”

Kimberly Keiter, owner of 4 Corners Ranch
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Join us. Grow the Mission

Our Agricultural Innovation Team

@ HATponics, we are devoted to creating a community of motivated individuals who want to make a difference in their community and beyond.

Ryan Cox

Founder & CEO

Ryan started HATponics in 2013, fueled by a simple question about world hunger: why not deliver farms instead of food? HATponics has been fighting for that mission ever since.

Emily Holmes

Chief Biologist

Emily has an innate understanding of aquaponics, and her superior multitasking abilities are what really keep us afloat.

Taylor Fatheree

Director of Product Development

With degrees in both Engineering and Economics, Taylor designs new systems and gets them into the market.







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