The Team that makes HATponics possible

The HATponics Team


Ryan Cox

Founder & CEO Ryan started HATponics in 2013, fueled by a simple question about world hunger: why not deliver farms instead of food? HATponics has been fighting for that mission ever since.

Emily Holmes

Chief Biologist

Emily has an innate understanding of aquaponics, and her superior multitasking abilities are what really keep us afloat.

Tayor Fatheree

Director of Product Development

With degrees in both Engineering and Economics, Taylor designs new systems and gets them into the market.

Amber Keirn

Farm Manager

Amber’s interest in agriculture began as a home gardener. After completing degrees in both Business Management and Graphic Arts, she chose farming. With a strong passion for nature, she studies herbs, natural medicines, and reiki.

Justin Corle

Head of Agriculture Consulting

Justin has a vast knowledge of cultivation, farm planning, greenhouse construction, and business development in the hemp and cannabis industry. Helping our customers build their dream business is his passion.

Alison Oakes

Head of Marketing

With a Masters Degree in Art and Design and a background in healthy food and nutrition Alison leads our marketing efforts with passion and creativity.

Spencer Barker

Director of Operations

Spencer leads our construction team armed with a degree in Biological Engineering and expertise in logistics. He has mastered the art of being in multiple locations keeping all our projects running smoothly world wide.

Brian Bearden

Head of Safety Coordination

Brian has become invaluable to the HATponics because of his ability to operating as a foreman and safety coordinator. He is therefore able to keep a job site operating safely and smoothly at all times.

Jesse Barnard

Construction Foreman

After being a intern with HATponics for 5 years, Jesse officially joins the team with engineering degree in hand.

Lauren Watts


Lauren’s favorite part of her work is how “there is a new challenge every day.” She likes camping, biking, and playing the violin, but says HATponics gave her a new confidence.

Rick Knight


Rick started his career with a degree in banking and finance where he worked for many years. With a passion for being outdoors and cycling, Rick opened a bike shop in Sevierville, TN in 2000 which he ran for 20 years. He found HATponics because of his interest in the Blackberry farm, he now specializes in Blackberry cultivation on the HATponics farm.


Assistant Gardener

With a bachelor of science degree in Sustainable Agriculture Systems Andrea fits in on our team perfectly. She is a very methodical planner with vast farming knowledge and a desire for using progressive practices. Her mastermind planning is what keeps us one step ahead.

David Clemmer


A self-described “Chocolate Connoisseur”, David has a passion for food. After attending culinary school, he takes great pride in his work at HATponics, saying “If I put my name on something, it’s good.” In his free time, he bowls in the Special Olympics and plays RPG’s.

Jonah Lambert


Jonah loves working at HATponics because of the peace and the people. He is always generous, often bringing presents for other team members. Jonah also has passion for coffee and movies, his favorite of which is Forest Gump.

Myranda Collins


Miranda loves dancing, going on walks, and putting the seedlings into the water. Always cheerful, she brightens up every room. Miranda is also a Special Olympics bowler and basketball player.