Internship Opportunities

Interested in becoming a hatponics intern?

An Internship like no other!

HATponics interns get the exciting chance to experience things in agriculture that others can only read about! 

During a HATponics internship, you will be forced outside your comfort zone. You will also be engaged in real-world projects that directly impact our day-to-day operations and those of our clients.

Working with virtually every major – from film school students to engineering majors – each applicant receives a special project tailored to their unique interest or area of study. Focus areas include permaculture, sustainability, water quality and management, hydroponics, aquaponics, terraponics, agricultural economics, commercial farm systems and more.

If you are ready to use your talents and strengths to impact the world around you, join us!

The HATponics internship program is open to any currently enrolled college student who is willing to commit to either 8 or 12 weeks on the farm. We will work with each university to satisfy credit as applicable, as well as provide housing and daily food stipend.

Acceptance is done on a rolling basis with applications accepted year-round.

The Powers of Hope Team

In December 2016, a team of students from Christian Heritage School in Dalton, GA traveled to Jamaica to install a commercial aquaponics system and off-grid power source at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf. This is the story of how they accomplished that task!







Interested in Intership Opportunities ?

HATponics internships are available! We give preference to interns that need college credit and are willing to work 20 hours per week. Ready? Download the application and email it to us with your cover letter and resume. 

Download the Internship application